Our Why

Life on Belay exists to promote healthy families and communities where the most vulnerable can find transformational support. We are responding to a call from Christ.


Life on Belay is not simply another nonprofit organization in a long line of nonprofits offering services directly to families in need. Rather, our work exists to strengthen and align the nonprofits, churches, and leaders already serving those families by helping to refine their core programs,increase access to sustaining resources, and bring all of them together under a coordinated strategies that holistically addresses the needs of vulnerable populations in local communities.


When Jason stepped off the plane 10 years ago, he had no idea what God was going to lead him to. Fast forward 10 years, from medical support to spiritual care, the Freedom Ministries Africa team is caring for the needs of people in northern Kenya daily.


Confidential Care Mobile Ministry is a Christ centered non-profit organization that utilizes state of the art technology to meet the needs of families experiencing unplanned pregnancies, to assure each preborn Human Baby gets to exercise their most basic human right-the Right to Life.


Our story is one of God drawing men and women together in relationship to develop a new approach to transforming entire communities, increasing their capacity to love those most vulnerable.

In 2019, co-founders Jeremy Aranda and Colin LeCroy met as coworkers at a national nonprofit operating a network of clinics across the country.  Their task was to help the organization reach its potential through innovation, data-driven insights, and a rigorous discipline of operational excellence and continual improvement. Through their work, they began to see that initial intervention in the midst of a crisis was not enough to transform the way a vulnerable individual responds.  Further, as Jeremy and Colin began to recognize that a nonprofit’s budget and caseload constraints made it impossible for the organization’s staff to offer the deeply personal and long-term care that was needed to transition an individual from entrenched instability to long-term stability.  They needed a new model.

Life on Belay launched in 2020 to pursue this mission. As a collective of talented and experienced leaders from across the nonprofit space, we are committed to helping communities increase their capacity to love the people they serve. Christians are individually called to serve and love our neighbors in a way that affirms their dignity, establishes God’s kingdom, and brings peace to their community. This service should extend beyond an initial crisis response and into vulnerable individuals’ lives. At Life on Belay, we believe that God designed the family with a particular plan in mind. It’s our goal to equip nonprofits, churches, and other frontline organizations with the tools they need to offer vulnerable individuals and families with the opportunities that allow them to build a life consistent with God’s design, in which they are free from fear and shame and able to flourish.  


Many communities’ care systems are fractured and under-resourced, limiting their ability to support vulnerable populations. Despite enormous spending by nonprofits and government programs to address a wide variety of issues—from domestic violence and health disparities to opioid abuse, human trafficking, and abortion—the road to flourishing has become a dead end for many families.


With more than 75 years of combined nonprofit experience, Life on Belay’s team is made up of veteran strategists and idea-generators who are convicted by the Lord and a shared call to service. Using a diverse set of skills and proven tactics, our team is committed to uniting care providers in communities across the globe for the purpose of providing transformational services to those who are most in need.






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